Let's Talk Trash | Issue 2

Published on 10 May 2024 at 17:04

Work-Life Balance? More Like Work-Life-Juggle!

Today, I want to talk about balancing the chaos of a full-time job with the joy of serving our community with St. Croix Sanitation dumpster rentals. Oh, and by the way, I'm about to go from three to five kids (any day now), so if you call and hear babies crying in the background, that's just my own personal trash compactors at work.

Running St. Croix Sanitation is a lot like juggling flaming dumpsters—sometimes everything stays in the air, and other times, well, you just gotta duck. But no matter how wild things get, we are committed to making sure your trash is taken care of. We're a family-owned business, and that means we treat our customers like part of the family. The kind of family that actually wants to clean up after themselves, of course.

Growing the Family

Speaking of family, we are about to add two more members to our clan, bringing our total to seven! If you thought taking out the trash with one kid was a chore, try doing it with five! So, if you call and it 

takes us a minute to respond, just know it's because I'm probably trying to work my day job, wrangle a toddler, a baby bottle, and a roll-off dumpster all at the same time. I promise we won't leave you hanging for long.

Your Trash is Our Treasure

Here at St. Croix Sanitation, we like to have a little fun with our work. It's not every day you get to find hidden treasures in a pile of junk, but we do! It's amazing what people throw away—I've found everything from vintage toys to a perfectly good television.

But don't worry, we're not just here for the fun and games. We're serious about making our community cleaner and greener. Whether you're a homeowner doing a big clean-out or a business with a ton of junk to dump, we're here to help. And if you need a little humor to go with your trash talk, you've come to the right place.

How to Reach Us

The goal is to create a seamless experience for our customers, so you can focus on what matters—whether that's a home renovation, a business project, or just clearing out the clutter.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we do our best to balance work, family, and our commitment to serving you. We look forward to helping you with all your dumpster needs. So, let’s keep it clean, keep it green, and keep it fun!


Let’s roll those dumpsters, 

Luke Nygaard

Chief Trash Enthusiast