Let's Talk Trash | Issue 1

Published on 10 April 2024 at 22:55

Welcome to St. Croix Sanitation – your family-owned solution to all things trash-related! Just as the river flows through the heart of our service area, so too does our commitment to serving the diverse needs of our communities on both sides of the divide. With our fleet of 15 and 20 yard roll-off dumpsters, we offer flexible drop-off and pick-up options, seven days a week. Whether you're a homeowner in need of a clean-out or a business looking to tidy up, we've got you covered.

St. Croix Sanitation

Starting a trash business isn't all garbage – well, maybe it is, but it's the good kind! Cruising through the neighborhoods of Wisconsin and Minnesota, I realized that trash isn't just a load of junk; it's a treasure trove of opportunities. Americans throw away more than four pounds of stuff every day – that's a lot of potential laughs!

St. Croix Sanitation was born out of this mix of madness and a deep commitment to the environment. I wanted a company that not only handles trash responsibly but does it with a side of humor. Our mission is simple: clean up the place, make you laugh, and leave the world a bit greener. Rent with us at St. Croix Sanitation, where trash talk isn't just welcome; it's encouraged. Let's roll up our sleeves, share a laugh or two, and make our community a cleaner, happier place!

Luke Nygaard

Chief Trash Enthusiast